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You, are the most flattering bruise to ever lay upon my cheek.
The deep purple and greeinsh hue, never cease to remind me of you.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 0
she shattered
"you're ugly, and plain"
i tell her
i scream at the top of my lungs
"fat, idiot, loser, poser,"
shes sobbing as i spit out verbal poison, her body jolts, and shakes
"i hate you, who could love you?"
i screech at her, pumped full of adrenaline
"slut, attention whore, wannabe."
she knows its true, i can see acceptance in her blood shot eyes,
clear salty pools of sorrow brim her eyes as i raise my fist,
she shatters,
my hand bleeds,
"honey, are you okay in there?"
"we need a new mirror."
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 0
Rumors fly by,
I stand still.
Under my aching bones and fatigued flesh,
I am in another galaxy
I claw for air, scraping against star dust
I can breathe clearly.
The sun blazes a furious flame,
I have the chills
I can still feel the butterflies swimming in my stomach
I can still feel your arms around my waist
I can still see your sly smirk
I can still burn when I think of you
I can still hear your jokes
Im blind
Im deaf
Im numb
Im an (oxy)moron
because im too stupid to get over you.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0
i never gave consent,
i am haunted by your whispers,
and the dirty bruises you gave me,
and the tears streaming left marks,
your whispers echo,
their killing me fast
i scream and panic
i awake in english,
no one knows
but i do
quit raping my head,
your in my darkest thoughts.
i never gave consent
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 0
when will I be a part of your world? by SissyPrincess1001 when will I be a part of your world? :iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0
you and i were real
it pains me
we were real
i mulled it over
and in a blind fire i called us
f a k e
you disregarded the fact that i was in a moment of weakness
and pried me
a p a r t
and eventually agreed that we were not real
and i realized you really did feel this way
and i didn't..
and i fell to
p i e c e s
and i stumbled across you again
i was glad to see what you were up to
but you were picking a my old habits
to the world
my same old stupid
h a b i t s
and in a blind rage i said things
and when the fog lifted
it was all over
and we were no longer real
i was lost and alone, and again
i missed how real we used to be
then i realized how many laughs i had just ran out of
i was in a rut
and i am now real with myself
i m. s o r r y. i. n e v e r. w a n t e d. t h i s. m u c h. s p a c e.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 0
r e l a p s e
four in the morning again an i can't hardly breathe
and again, it's all the same thing.
same, bland, boring routine.
pretty pink pills,
the thought of which bring chills
pretty pink, pink, pills.
shiny rusty razor blade
of death i am unafraid
somebody, call for first aid
i've kept it a secret
if i told you could you keep it
i'm in love with a demon
he tells me sweet things that lull me to sleep
and he wipes the blood off my cheeks when i weep
he's breaking me can't you see
i swore i told him to leave me
i think he kissed my eyes, and now i can't see
i'm blind to all but my emotions, lost at sea
black and blue misery
this relationship is so dreary
he left me, and i feel dizzy
oh sweet succulent agony,
i'm losing all of my sanity.
i feel like i am without gravity
i need him
so i slit my limbs
this river is too deep to swim
this is pure insanity
to be blunt, inhumanity.
he comes to my side to fix the wounds, mumbling sweet
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0
i'll admit
it was my idea but i
had never imagined the terms
to which we've come to
i'll admit i said
we should
but no way did i think
you'd love her more
i'll admit i almost jumped
off the roof when i left outside
i'll admit
it was
all my own
but that doesn't mean,
i'm over us,
and that your peeling at the scar
and it's bleeding
but who cares
it was my idea
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 0
I swear on my last dime, that I am different people. I know that I sound crazy, but it's what I am, I am everything, bundled into one.
My anxiety prevents me from walking sometimes; most times; all the time. She keeps my limbs heavy, and likes to lay in bed, not thinking about much at all, but the thought of ending being tired, forever. I swear she pulls me back and holds my tongue and makes sure I don't speak, and so I don't. She is deeply in love with stress but shuts herself away trying desperately to forget about him.
My suicidal side is a whole new person completely. She rarely leaves the secrecy of my insides. She resides in my thoughts; in the pit of my stomach. She presents herself only through the wrist, and only few have ever seen her. She is best of friends with anxiety, and they both dislike me so. I admit I can't blame them.
My depression lurks behind me, covering my mouth so I don't scream while he stabs me in the back, and drives his knife down throu
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 2 2
I shout louder than I know when I hear my mother,
Calling me or, rather calling my brother,
As much as I'd hate to admit,
She has brought me to this.
Out of hate and out of spite
I slit pretend wrists every night.
I slice the paper with arms so crudely drawn,
As I whimper stretch and yawn.
My dad is no better,
Thinking about him gets me under the weather,
My substitute asked me once if I knew him
And I pretended not to hear him.
And if it wasn't bad enough having the same last name,
He works in the same district as I and it brings unwanted fame.
"Do you know Mr John?" They'll politely ask.
And I will shamefully go about the task,
The task if explaining how he hurt my family and I so,
And that its been years since we've said hello.
And they'll politely shake their heads saying what a shame,
And act as if I think its a game.
A game in which in fact I am losing,
A game which in fact I don't know how to use it,
A game which in fact everyone else is winning
And I lay confused only at the be
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0
fly on the wall
i never understood the point of love
i told the fly on the wall
the fly creeped around the wall finding a web and sitting directly on it
he said
love is like this web
you lie atop it; expecting nothing to happen,
and as soon as you want out the web grasps onto you tightly.
the burning frustration makes you cry and whine
and hearing your cries of distress your spider,
which is thus your lover;
stalks over to the web and wraps you up,
in a soft silk until you feel comforted
and if you are lucky;
the spider will stay with you in this lovely web; and not make a cobweb out of it.
and that he will live many years cherishing you in your soft silk fleece
and that no one else will take your spider and crush it
and i realised the fly was killing himself by putting himself into said web;
i questioned him so,
and to which he replied
some kill themselves to find their spiders.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 2 0
I counted the times I wished for us
And then I counted the stars
And yet the times I wished
Still outweighed the latter
If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to hurt you
I'd be a trillionaire
But immediately there after; I'd kiss the mark I made.
If I had a nickle for every time my jealousy got the best of me,
I'd like to think I'd be broke on the road,
But I know I'd be millions of dollars richer.
And yet when we fight and bicker and argue I forget
All the silly things that pulled me into your spider web of love;
I get so tangled up in what I feel that I no longer
Breathe here.
I breathe in a place where my hate still resides,
Where my demons writhe in agony waiting to free themselves
And there I reside waiting for you to join me.
And soon enough you do, and we lay there, demons bubbling in our hearts,
And no matter how many times I swear and lie you laugh.
And there again lies another reason I wish you were laying beside me
To see the joy in your eyes
And here your gorgeous laugh
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 3 0
Self centered and spineless
I feel uncontrollably
And I write this as they whisk me away
Into a place where I
Am only a pawn
In their game
Of chess.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 1
depression is romantic in the most morbid of ways
she was in love with the pain she gave herself
in love with the thought of happiness after slitting her wrists
loving the look of bruised thighs.
being suicidal is beautiful in the most unfortunate of ways
i saw him cry and how it hurt him to do so
i saw the way he looked at me with a lopsided smile
i saw "worthless" effortlessly etched into his skin
and i asked him if he could teach me
what he replied with a soft tone
to feel i whispered
within the next week he was dead.
having disorders unites us in ugly ways
we pry each other apart for our insecurities
and we sob for the same things
and we all just want to burn away a part of us.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0
The hopes held near and dear,
To my broken heart,
Used to mend,
But now falls apart.
The hopes that you'd see me,
As less of an opportunity.
Opportunity for a pass of time,
Someone that you could tell secrets to,
No strings attached that would unmend,
The heart to which my hopes were glued.
And then again I'd expect nothing less,
From who can barely dress.
And yes I'm insulting you,
Because you wounded me.
And now I dream of
Nothing but the sweet release.
Release of sweet death divine,
Oh, darling would you be mine?
But I could never leave in death without telling you.
Maybe I am now,
But we'll never know,
At least until you hear my brain blow.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 0 1
I hate what I've become
And who I used to be
The one girl who's differences
Were ugly.
In mass hysterics
I screamed "Where were you?"
And when no answer came
I gave into the truth.
And then when I sobbed
For the monsters in my head
You came in and questioned
And I yelled "They are dead!"
And to most
monsters dying is a joyous occasion
But to me and to others
Its an infiltration.
An infiltration of humanity
The little I had left
Meaning that they took her
And put her to death.
She was my imagination
My hopes and dreams
And now she lies
Dead in the shell of me.
The shell of my light
The shell of my life
Counting the cracks
During my last sleepless night.
:iconsissyprincess1001:SissyPrincess1001 1 0



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